How to come up with the best Happy Birthday Wishes?

First of all, it depends on who’s birthday it is. Naturally, we will use a different set of wishes talking to our best friend and completely different one when it comes to our mom. The better we know our “birthday person” the more accurate wishes we can offer. The best thing we could possibly do would be to predict, ideally, what the person in question would like to hear from us. Maybe we know about their secret wishes or desires? Maybe we know what’s driving them in their life? I love coming up with unique ones so I make a good impression. I don’t like to be just another ‘Happy Birthday” guy. I love making up special happy birthday messages and greetings. I focus on the person I am about to approach. I go for aspects of their lives that no one else has mentioned before or I focus on little things nobody else is usually able to notice. I am a really funny guy so my happy birthday wishes are usually amusing and entertaining. I don’t like staying in line so I make my effort to make this person remember my wishes for quite some time, or at least for the rest of the day.

Most of the time we know the person so we should have something to build our happy birthday wishes on. That’s all we need. Just take a moment to think and try to guess what is it that you could say? Maybe there’s something you should have said to that person a long time ago but you have actually never done it? Maybe now’s the time to tell them how grateful you are? Or maybe just let them know you notice all the things they have done for you, all the love they have for you. Sincere and touching happy birthday wishes are the key!

happy birthday wishes
happy birthday wishes

The best advice I can offer is to bo spontanious. Just go for it and don’t think about it too much. The best wishes are the ones which come straight from bottom of the heart.

If you really don’t have any idea what to say or you just need a bit of inspiration – I encourage you to check out my happy birthday wishes and messages! Whether you forgot about your friend’s birthday and need a smooth way to say happy belated birthday or it’s your mom’s birthday coming next week and you need an idea to say happy birthday mom – I am sure you’ll find something you can use!

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